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The Ultimate Crypto Calculator Compare: Top 4 Platforms

Crypto calculators are a blessing for every cryptocurrency user. They assist people to make informed decisions in this volatile market and gain maximum profit on their investment, trading, mining, or others. Here, we will have a comprehensive crypto calculator compare where we will analyze the top 4 platforms. Moreover, you will know the difference between its different types. So, let’s get into the details!


What is the Purpose of a Crypto Calculator?

We cannot deny that cryptocurrency has become one of the profitable ways to make money and do investments virtually. But to make it more profitable and reduce the risks due to volatility, crypto calculators play a significant role. A crypto calculator is crucial for beginners and experts as it helps make well-informed decisions about crypto investments.

These straightforward tools help calculate your potential profits and other metrics by considering factors like capital gains, current price, exit fees, and selling price. The useful tools rely on accurate data and market conditions, which keep updating rapidly. 


Best Crypto Calculator Compare

While crypto calculators are excellent assistance for making informed decisions, several platforms emerged, where a few are excellent choices with feature-rich benefits. Below is a short and comprehensive crypto calculator compare that will help how each works and how you can use these calculators.


1.     PlasBit

PlasBit is a user-friendly yet comprehensive platform that offers splendid features and services. It empowers you to convert and store digital assets directly into fiat currency. This helps to make the conversion seamless by allowing you to make transfers, open a wallet, and get a crypto card.


The fast and safe transactions make PlasBit a popular choice globally. Here, we will have a quick crypto calculator compare of its most used widgets. PlasBit uses powerful yet simple and easy-to-use tools to examine the performance of crypto investments.


  • PlasBit Profit calculator helps understand probable profits and losses on a specific coin’s investment. It helps to avoid making impulsive decisions during investment. You need to select the cryptocurrency and add the invested amount for calculation. For more accurate profit results, enter the investment and exit fee.
  • The mining calculator estimates the profitability of cryptocurrency mining based on hash rate, mining difficulty, electricity costs, or power consumption.
  • On the other hand, they have a specific one for tax calculations, which helps users regarding their tax liabilities related to cryptocurrency transactions and gains.


So, the platform offers a diversified range of crypto calculators with simple and easy usage. Moreover, you can customize colors like text, boxes, or backgrounds to match your preferred aesthetics.


2.     CoinStats

CoinStats is a professional portfolio tracker platform. It allows users to track their cryptocurrency assets’ performance and helps them manage at least 20 crypto assets. It features comprehensive financial charts and different data analyses related to DeFi assets and cryptocurrencies. Below is a short crypto calculator compare of CoinStat’s best tools.


  • The profit calculator helps to connect with the portfolio to perform profit calculations efficiently through advanced analytics. It is also called an Investment calculator that helps plan investments by calculating the crypto profit and loss.
  • The Return calculator lets you examine the potential return on crypto investments over time. It considers factors like the holding period, the initial investment, and the price fluctuations of cryptocurrency.
  • Uniswap Impermanent Loss calculates (as the name suggests) loss and enables you to plan investments wisely. It measures the associated risks while lending digital assets. To calculate the basic impermanent loss, you must input the pool and hold values.


3.     Koinly

For the cryptocurrency tax calculation and portfolio tracking platform, Koinly serves its users amazingly. It helps to generate tax reports and manage crypto investments for tax compliance. The unique platform supports integration with several cryptocurrency wallets, exchanges, and platforms.

Moreover, it offers exceptional features such as auto import verification, reporting, and error reconciliation. It also uses a crypto calculator compare with other’s tools to provide accurate results.


  • The Bitcoin Profit calculator tracks the Bitcoin realized and unrealized profit and loss from all of your successful transactions in the fiat currency. It can also identify the price of a Bitcoin earned through mining and converts it directly.
  • Whereas if you want to track the currency profits through income, gains, expenses, and losses, the Profit calculator serves you best. You can easily estimate the potential income of an investment if you sell it at a certain price.
  • The cryptocurrency tax tool is ideal for generating a tax report or tracking your digital assets and taxes. The report features tax documents with capital gains and taxes.


4.     Accointing

Accointing is a unique platform exceptionally designed to track portfolios and is also known as a tax management platform. It offers great features and tools to assist cryptocurrency traders and investors monitor portfolio performance, manage assets, and create tax reports. Its range of crypto calculator compare tools simplifies the process of investments.

Its crypto tax calculator follows the tax rules while generating a tax report. It offers accurate and comprehensive tax calculations. It is also integrated with the holding period tool that reviews the token holding duration.

Thus, the software helps you to manage taxable income and profit based on the transaction history. It can import data from various exchanges and perform the calculations.


Types of Crypto Calculators

These tools vary in type and help users in multiple ways according to their functionality. Below we have a short crypto calculator compare of various types.


1.     Price Calculator

As its name suggests, a price calculator only calculates the price. It enables you to convert different fiat currencies into cryptocurrencies or crypto-to-crypto conversion. The tool is essential for any cryptocurrency user, whether a beginner or a professional. It offers dynamic exchange rates allowing users to calculate and determine the value of their holdings.

Moreover, it tells how much cryptocurrency can be exchanged for a particular fiat currency. This is easy to use and has a user-friendly interface. However, you can only use it online or with an internet connection since it constantly needs to remain updated on the market values.


2.     Profit Calculator

A profit calculator determines the potential loss and profit of cryptocurrency investment. It considers the initial investment amount, the current price of cryptocurrency, and the quantity. The tool instantly calculates the difference between the current value and the initial investment by showing gains in the defined fiat currency.

This one is a vital crypto calculator compare to others as it aims to assist you to make investment decisions wisely. It proves helpful when you own a diverse portfolio and want to track the performance of the investments and see how assets perform. Thus, it is concluded to be a valuable tool.


3.     Mining Calculator

It is a tool assisting miners to calculate the maximum probability of mining cryptocurrencies. It helps them select which crypto coin is suitable to mine and which equipment is great. By entering the correct information, miners will determine which cryptocurrency is worth the time, effort, and resources.

The process is independent of which coin you mine and the hardware cost, but it is necessary to consider the hardware strength and the electricity costs. The mining calculators speculate on which network you will yield the most profits. Mainly, the factors affecting the mining profitability are power consumption, pool fee, cost per kWh, and the hashing power of the mining rig.


4.     Tax Calculator

A Tax Calculator is a tool assisting in calculating tax liabilities based on crypto income. The result depends on the investing amount, information, and data entered into the calculator. However, it can retrieve information from several wallets, exchanges, and crypto platforms.

This helps reduce the filing hassle and instantly computes your gains and loss in the fiat currency. Besides calculating the tax liabilities, it generates tax reports and optimizes the year’s portfolio (based on the platform and software). So, it helps you follow your country’s laws and tax regulations.


5.     Fear & Greed Calculator

It is more an indicator than a crypto calculator compared to other tools, that measures the market sentiment and determines whether the investors feel greedy or fearful. But since the tool calculates the market trends and presents you with daily reports, we can consider it in the calculator’s department.

It assesses the dominant market mood and considers the psychological factors as well. Moreover, it also considers social media sentiments, volatility, market momentum ad surveys.

When the fear index is high, investors panic and prefer to sell their crypto assets, which is a buying opportunity. In contrast, during the high greed index, investments are made in assets even if the value of assets is high.

The calculator shows numerical values from 0 to 100, where values below 50 show fear and above 50 show greed.


Final Note

While dealing with cryptocurrencies, you cannot rely only on your instincts or experience due to their extremely volatile nature (even if you are an expert). Crypto calculators help you in this regard to make profitable and informed decisions while analyzing the market with great precision.

Since now you know the different types and the platforms that offer these different types, you can make better trades or investments. If we have to choose one platform, we will go with PlasBit as it offers a diversified range of tools. They have many calculators and other useful tools to help any user.

However, you can choose the one that suits you the best. Pick the correct platform and make profitable crypto investments today.

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