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8 Factors to Consider Before Choosing Crypto Calculator App

With the influence of cryptocurrencies, many people have turned to this new financial system. However, this (potentially) future of the financial system is highly volatile. So, remaining updated with the current prices is vital while dealing with crypto. If you also want to remain updated with the crypto prices before trade or just out of curiosity, you will require a crypto calculator app.

But selecting one differs from a walk in the park, like downloading a standard calculator from any application store. Below, we will discuss why such a tool is beneficial and which factors to consider before selecting one. Moreover, we also have a recommended one that addresses many aspects. So, let’s start!


Why Should You Use a Crypto Calculator App?

If you are dealing with cryptocurrencies, remaining updated becomes exceptionally essential. A crypto calculator app helps you to calculate the crypto prices in fiat of a desired amount, according to their current market prices. It can offer valuable insights and assist customers in making knowledgeable choices. Below are a few reasons to use an app for this purpose.


  • Quick and Convenient: It lets you perform crypto coin price calculations on the go. This way, it saves you from accessing multiple websites or manually searching different prices than calculating them all manually.


  • Real-Time Information: The crypto marketplace is highly volatile, with costs converting unexpectedly. So, such an app offers actual-time prices, ensuring you get updated information while making funding choices.


  • Comparison Analysis: It often offers functions that allow you to evaluate distinct cryptocurrencies, evaluate their potential returns, and check their danger profiles. It can be handy when constructing various portfolios.


  • Risk Management: Using a crypto calculator app, you could examine the risk associated with diverse crypto investments. These apps can offer insights into factors, previous rate volatility, marketplace traits, and ability returns.


  • Convenience: The application is designed to be user-friendly and easily reachable on cellular devices. This allows you to enter critical statistics and carry out calculations on the go without the need for complex spreadsheets.


  • Decision-Making: By providing accurate prices, these applications empower users to make informed investment selections. They also assist you in recognizing capacity income, risks, and market traits.


Are Crypto Calculator Applications Helpful?

Of course, these applications provide you with insightful data and update crypto market prices. So, a crypto calculator app becomes extremely helpful. These not only tell you the accurate coins’ rate but also a shift in price from its previous position so you can understand whether the trend is bearish or bullish to make a trade or transfer funds.

Many applications allow you to convert multiple crypto coins into many fiat currencies. These include USD, EUR, GBP, JPY, CAD, BRL, and others. So, you can check the price in your region’s currency.


8 Factors to Consider

However, with the abundance of available alternatives, selecting the right tool may take time and effort. To help you make an informed decision, remember eight factors before deciding on a crypto calculator app.

  1. Supported Cryptocurrencies

The first thing to consider is how many crypto coins the application or tool supports. Ensure that the app supports the cryptocurrencies you own or plan to invest in. A comprehensive app must have popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), and Litecoin (LTC), amongst others. It should also guide fewer mainstream cryptocurrencies to cater to diverse investment portfolios.

A vast range of supported cryptocurrencies allows users to appropriately calculate their standard portfolio value and tune a character coin’s overall performance more successfully. It also guarantees that users have to get the right to entry to up-to-date and accurate price acts about their investments.


  1. Updated

The crypto market is volatile and challenged by speedy fluctuations. It is vital to pick out a crypto calculator app that offers actual-time facts updates. Outdated facts can mislead investors and bring about misguided calculations. Look for an app with a reliable information source that updates charges and marketplace statistics in actual time. This guarantees that the app’s calculations are accurate and replicate the market conditions.


  1. Accurate

Accuracy is of utmost importance in terms of calculating cryptocurrency values. So, choose an app that provides accurate reports. User critiques and ratings can offer valuable insights into the app’s accuracy. Additionally, consider apps with partnerships or collaborations with legitimate cryptocurrency exchanges or data carriers. These partnerships frequently imply that the app’s statistics are dependable and sincere.


  1. Multiple Fiat Options

While cryptocurrencies are gaining wider acceptance, conventional fiat currencies play a massive role in everyday transactions. An accurate crypto calculator must provide multiple fiat currency options to cater to customers from specific areas. This permits users to calculate their cryptocurrency values in their regional and foreign money, making it simpler to recognize the implications of their investments.


  1. Easy-to-Use

An application’s user interface and average user experience are vital to remember. Look for an app that is intuitive and easy to navigate, even for beginners. Since calculating or converting current crypto market prices into fiat (or vice versa) is simple. So, the tools should be simple enough.

The app should be usable and have a minimal interface, making it easy to apprehend and use the calculator functionalities. Avoid apps with cluttered interfaces or complicated functions that can overwhelm or confuse customers.


  1. Responsive Design

In the digital age, apps must be responsive and well-matched with multiple devices and screen sizes. A crypto calculator app with a responsive design guarantees that users can use it on any device, regardless of its screen size.

Although most users will access it via mobile phones, some may also use PCs or tablets. Additionally, all these categories come in different sizes, ranging from 5″ to 7″ in phones to 13″ to 19″ in PCs. The app should load on each size perfectly. A responsive layout also improves the overall person’s enjoyment and makes the app extra handy.


  1. Customer Support

Choosing a tool that gives reliable customer support is essential. In case of any issues or queries, it’s crucial to have timely assistance. Look for apps that provide diverse customer support channels, which include e-mail, live chat, or a devoted aid price tag device.

Of course, it’s just a calculator. What could go wrong? But glitches or bugs may occur in the coding. The users should be able to inform the team or get help about any confusion.


  1. Pricing

Ultimately, the price also plays a vital role in selecting the tool. Usually, these apps are available for free on the internet. However, some platforms are offering these apps for a small price. Why do you have to shift towards them when you get the same function for free?

On the other hand, mostly, these free tools are loaded with advertisements. They need to earn too. Luckily, some platforms offer a free crypto calculator app without advertising banners or irritating signs. So, it’s a win-win situation for the users.


Our Recommended Crypto App Calculator

While many applications and tools are available online, one platform emerges as a decent option. PlasBit Crypto Calculator is one of the platform’s widgets. The tool is straightforward to use. You select the crypto coin and enter its amount to get its current value in the selected fiat.

The widget offers numerous cryptocurrencies and fiat options. You can also swap their positions to get the coin’s value according to your entered amount in your local currency. Amazingly, the platform offers its widget to other teams to integrate it on their sites. Copy and paste the code below your site’s HTML backend tool.

Additionally, you can change the color of the text, background, and buttons for greater customization. It helps other platforms match the widget’s color scheme according to their website’s color code.

But above everything else, the widget is free to use, without any advertisement. It will help you and your users with crypto price calculations and provide a decent UX with excellent responsiveness and customization.

Besides its widgets, PlasBit is a great crypto-banking platform offering many exceptional solutions. You can use their secure wallet to store your digital assets. The team also offers prepaid cards (both virtual and physical) that operate worldwide. Moreover, the platform provides seamless wire transfers across borders.



Ultimately, selecting the proper crypto calculator app is critical for everyone seeking to engage in cryptocurrency buying and selling or investment. You could discover an app that meets your needs by considering factors such as supported (crypto & fiat) currencies, user interface, accuracy, and updating.

Factoring in other aspects, like ease of use, responsiveness, customer support, and cost, will help you to make a better decision. Our recommended, PlasBit crypto calculator app fits in well with this description. Otherwise, you can explore the tool and others to select what suits you the best.

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