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Bitcoin Calculator Apps: Why you should have one

Having a clear understanding of the price of Bitcoin is very useful regardless if you use it for investing, transfers, or payments. Most people use a Bitcoin calculator app to know the amount of BTC they can buy quickly. It is always good practice to check the BTC prices before sending out a payment, as you do not want to do the same thing that Laszlo Hanyecz did, who famously paid 10,000 BTC for two pizzas in 2010. 


This day has gone on to be known as Bitcoin Pizza Day. PlasBit, a leading crypto-based financial services company, always keeps an eye on the price of Bitcoin so that you can avoid these mishaps. And one way to do it is through a Bitcoin calculator app.


Cryptocurrency trends appear quickly. For this reason, you should have one of these tools on your mobile phone. PlasBit encourages users to gather all the tools available to use better its plastic cards, transfers, and wallet products. According to this company, having a trusted Bitcoin calculator app helps enhance all these perks and use them seamlessly.


What is a Bitcoin calculator app?

In a nutshell, it is an application that allows you to calculate the value of BTC in USD or any other fiat currency you use. A Bitcoin calculator app is an easy way to track the price of BTC or any other cryptocurrency you want more information about. Some Bitcoin calculator apps have higher-end features such as historical data, charts, and trends. 


But, what is most important is that it does have a look-and-feel of a calculator. You type in a number (usually a fiat currency of your choice) and get an equivalent in BTC.


Best Bitcoin Calculator apps

Now that we know the basic definition of these apps, it is time to see some of the best you can find and use for your daily crypto operations.



This Bitcoin calculator app is as straightforward as one can be. You have a screen that displays the U.S. dollar, the euro, the pound, bitcoin, yuan, the Australian dollar, and Yen, and all you have to do is type a number alongside one of these currencies to see its equivalent in all other coins. Because of this ease of use, this is a highly recommendable app.


You will be using it quickly and without fuss to verify the price of BTC before any transaction. It is free to use and includes ads. You can upgrade to a paid version to enjoy an ad-free experience.


Crypto Calculator: 

This Bitcoin calculator app is also easy to use and includes additional UX functionality. It starts with a blank screen and a prompt that invites you to add a currency. You can choose from crypto or fiat tabs. You add to your home screen the coins you want to track, after which you can click on any one of these currencies that you have selected and type in a number. 


The app will automatically display the equivalent amount in the other currencies. This app is very straightforward, with the added feature of adding and removing a coin to track. This feature is useful when you send Bitcoin to someone, but first, you want to buy BTC and later make sure that the person receiving it can later convert it into enough of their local currency. Being free to use and having a lot of coins available are other advantages of this app.


A Crypto Exchange: 

If you want to keep all your crypto operations in as few apps as possible, you might want to use your crypto exchange of choice as your Bitcoin calculator app. For example, is one of the most popular exchanges out there, and it offers many services, including a calculator. 


Here is how you can use it:

  1. To get started, select a cryptocurrency you want to check out and enter an amount in USD or the preferred currency that you would like to spend.
  2. Once you have entered the amount you want to spend, the interface will display the amount of BTC you would get (or any other crypto like ETH, ADA, or MATIC).

Kraken is another popular crypto exchange you can consider using. A quick heads-up about their interface: after you have typed in the amount of USD you want to convert, you need to click on the BTC symbol to see what you would get for your fiat currency.


Using an exchange can be overkill if you only use it as a calculator, as you would have to verify your identity with your I.D. to sign up and use these exchanges. But it is an ingenious way to do it if you want to avoid overcrowding your mobile phone with apps.


In addition to these calculators, it is also a good idea to check out the PlasBit crypto price on the official website. Thanks to this feature, users can see the price of BTC, Litecoin, ETH, USDC, and ADA in USD.


Recommended apps and good practices

As far as a Bitcoin calculator app goes, Crypto Calculator is a solid option as it is easy to use and free. It gets the job done and has some cool features that make it more than just a bare-bones calculator. PlasBit advises that once you know how much BTC you will get for your dollars, you contrast it by looking at other price indexes. Call it a part of the due diligence process to protect your finances and get the best deal possible.


An example of the lengths PlasBit is willing to go to protect its clients is that it stores 100% of customer funds offline and insures them. Only company funds are online. Also, it uses your e-mail address as the only customer identifier because they are 100% committed to your privacy. Just as this company takes these steps for the clients’ security, you should take some steps to verify the information you get from your preferred Bitcoin calculator app.


Why is a Bitcoin calculator app so useful?

Now that you know some of the best apps for Bitcoin conversion rates, why should you have one on your phone? The truth is that before you do any Bitcoin operation, it is a good idea to check the market rates and be sure you have the funds to do it. The quickest way to check out what the conversion rates look like is through a Bitcoin calculator app.


If you look to Bitcoin to invest, spend, or send funds, you must understand the amount you can buy with what you currently have. PlasBit encourages responsible finances, and planning with the help of one of these applications goes a long way.


The use cases for a Bitcoin Calculator app

We have seen so far that people that use BTC and crypto have very concrete uses for a Bitcoin calculator app. We also have established that it is a good idea for people to use one before doing a crypto transaction. But use cases are the best way to understand these concepts, so we should review some of them.


For example, you are a user of a PlasBit card and are abroad on a trip. Not knowing the exact rate of the local currency against BTC is understandable. And so, if you want to make a quick calculation before looking for an ATM, you could quickly check out your application and see what the exchange rate is.


After you verify the conversion rates, you can go to a compatible ATM and retrieve the equivalent in local cash. It is a simple enough use case, but you should always have an idea or estimate of how much cash you want to retrieve from the ATM. The calculator makes it that much easier.


PlasBit transfers is another clear example of a Bitcoin calculator use case. Let’s say that your business takes and makes payments in Bitcoin to allow your customers even more flexibility in payment choices. In this case, you should check your app for information on prices and conversion rates of BTC. By simply reviewing your calculator, you can be sure that your payments are accurate and that you are not sending too much or too little.


If you use a PlasBit wallet to build a crypto portfolio, you should keep track of your assets’ valuation. When you have a crypto portfolio, it is fundamental to understand when you should sell and when you should buy these assets. Having one of these apps will help you know.


Closing thoughts

When you delve inside the crypto ecosystem, there are many products and services you can choose from. PlasBit is a company that has such products, which allow its customers to use Bitcoin in everyday life. Whether through transfers, a physical card, or a Web3 wallet to hold crypto, clients will have better and more convenient access to Bitcoin through these services.


With this in mind, the main reason for having a Bitcoin calculator app is to have a quick idea of the value of BTC in fiat currency. It is a convenient way to get information on how much BTC you get for the dollars you are willing to spend. Think of it as the first step you take to understand a crypto operation, and by using a Bitcoin calculator app, you can do this first due diligence.

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